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FA75 Table System Overview

The Fireball Cast Iron Tables are the best all around table on the market. They combine the strength of 1” thick top and sides used for heavy duty tables with the more finely spaced 2” grid pattern you find on light to medium duty tables. Gray cast iron naturally resists weld spatter, does not form burrs on the surface, resists deformation, and once machined flat, it stays flat.

Combined with the patent pending Fireball table fixture system, Fireball tables and fixtures are the fastest, simplest, and most secure fixture system.

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5/8" or 16 mm

  • 2″ Grid
  • 16mm (5/8″) Hole

Our Table


  • 2″ Grid
  • 80% More Holes Than 28mm
  • Same Number Of Holes As 5/8″ or 16mm
  • 3/4″ Hole (45% Larger Cross Section Compared to 5/8″ or 16mm)

Other Tables


  • 4″ Grid or 100mm grid
  • 28mm 1.1″ Hole

Fireball 4.5' x 8.5' Versus Regular 4' x 8' Comparison

Clamping a Full 48″ x 96″ Table with Room to Spare

The Fireball 4.5′ x 8.5′ is our take on a 4’x8′ table. Our approach is that you need a table to work with 4’x8′ parts, so why not make it a little larger? At 102” long and 54” wide, the extra 6 inches along the length and width of the table makes it punch closer to a 5’x10′.

The Fireball 4.5′ x 8.5′ has 20% more top surface area than an actual 48″ x 96″ table.

The spacing of the holes means you can fixture a 4’x8′ workpiece from all four sides without even brining the table’s side apron into play.

The side of the table is 8” tall and provides rigidity. It has three rows of holes machined in a 2” grid pattern for adding extensions or joining tables together.

5' x 2.5' (60"x30") Cast Iron Table

This 60″x30″ table is the size typical work desk, but easily extendable. It packs a lot of weight for its dimensions so it’s extra sturdy. This size is also designed for joining together to make larger tables.

Join 2 tables to make a
5′ x 5′

This table is the size typical work desk, but easily extendable.

120″ x 60″ (10′ x 5′) Configurations

A secondary intention of this table was to design it for connecting or expansion in the future. Connect 2 tables to form a 5×5 surface or 3 tables in an H formation to create a 10×5 area.

Using 3x 60″x30″ Tables & 6x Tower Blocks (14″x4″x4″)


1” thick Gray Cast Iron on top and 1” thick sides, additional reinforcement ribs underneath. Machined flat on all 5 sides to within +/- 0.0025” per 24” x 24” area. Side apron on the tables are 8” tall with 3 rows of holes.

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FA75 System Videos

This is the Brand New Fireball Welding Table

I have officially unveiled the new Fireball Tool welding table! This 4′ 6″ x 8′ 6″ table is a one inch thick cast iron monster with over 1700 holes for the fixtures! Watch as we deconstruct its design, measure its flatness, and show off the small table too. It has 3/4″ holes on a 2″ grid pattern. Check out the other videos that dive into the fixtures of this table.

How to use a fixture table

I show you how to optimize your use of the Fireball fixtures with the brand new Fireball Welding Table. I teach how to zero out your table to start, how to properly distance the fixtures, how to leave the right amount of room for welding, and how to clamp your materials the right way.

Why Does the New Fireball Table Have This Hole Size?

I answer my most asked question: why did I choose to have a 3/4″ hole when most fixture tables have either 5/8″ or 28mm holes? There are many factors as to why these have been the standards, yet there are pros and cons that aren’t widely discussed. I dive into how these hole sizes affect strength, durability, and cost.

Table System Overview

I answer some questions about the new Fireball Welding Table and its fixtures, including the fence blocks, tooth blocks, and post pins.


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