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Dragon Wagon, 1350×750 mm

From 2,950.00


(10% discount for pre-ordering)

Dragon Wagon – 1,350 x 750 mm

  • Side face on the tables are 100 mm tall with 1 row of holes.
  • The modular leg accessory system provides an extensive range of customization options.
  • 12mm thick table that shares all the same fixtures as the 25mm thick table.

Tabletop Dimensions

1,350 x 750 mm

Table Side Height

100 mm

Table Thickness

12,5 mm

Hole Diameter

19 mm

Grid Pattern

50 mm


Gray Cast Iron


Dragon Scale

Table Top Weight

112 kg

Shipping Weight

135 kg

Leg Type

Standard Duty

Number of Legs


Capacity per Leg

270 kg

Rated Weight Capacity with Legs

1,125 kg

Modular Accessory Legs

  • Modular system that allows for a huge variety of accessory customization. Add shelves seats, leg braces, slag tray and more.
  • Leg Height: 650 – 900 mm
  • Table Surface Height: 750 – 1 000 mm
  • Static Load Capacity: 335 kg

How does the FM19 system compare to other Table Systems?

FM19 – Ø19mm x 50mm
  • 50mm Grid Pattern
  • 19mm Diameter Hole
FM16 – Ø16mm x 50mm
  • 50mm Grid Pattern
  • 16mm Diameter Hole
FM28 – Ø28mm x 100mm
  • 100mm Grid Pattern
  • 28mm Diameter Hole

Fixturing System

The Fireball Tool fixture system is superior to others on the market. It features blocks that can be used in many different ways to maximize their usage. It also can be incrementally adjusted to ensure maximum coverage as efficiently as possible while others fail to reach certain distances without a complicated fixture.

FM19 – Ø19mm x 50mm
FM16 – Ø16mm x 50mm
FM28 – Ø28mm x 100mm


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