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Hex Key Holder

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No more fiddling with the plastic tool holders. These are aluminum with a metal spring to hold the keys in place.


The holder can keep the keys upright or slide the ring up for secure transportation.


Pretty much all hex key holders are terrible and fiddly, this holder solves that problem.

  • Can store the keys two configurations, either with the base at the bottom and the keys sitting on their ball ends like a tree, or with the base pulled up snug to the bend if it’s going to be jostled around.
  • The metric holder stores standard 9 sizes.

Each set comes with 9pc metric hex keys. Sizes are engraved on each key. Holder can be purchased separately.

Metric sizes: 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10

The gold hex key holder in the picture comes in inches and it is available on Fireball Tool USA.

Patent Pending

Magnet in base lets you grab and replace keys with one hand. If you don’t want the magnet, it can be removed (with a hex key of course).

Easily retrieve and store individual keys without having to move other keys out of the way or fight the poor fit of the stock factory holders.

Circular mounting pattern lets you quickly figure out which key is the right size for your fastener (this is always frustrating with traditional holders)

Spring puts enough tension to ensure keys stay in place, even upside down.




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