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Mega Square


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  • 200mm
  • 300mm
  • Aluminium (AL)
  • Black Oxide Cast Iron (FE)

All Cast Iron Squares purchased on the EU web shop come with a black oxide + oil finish for better corrosion protection.

The original Mega Square is available in a 30.48cm or 20.32cm size with two material choices: Cast Iron (FE) or Cast Aluminum (AL).  All Mega Squares feature a stiff “flange and web” design that is fully machined on all outer edges with tapped holes on the sides for mounting tabs.

The Ultimate Fit Up Square


  • The Mega Square is designed to quickly set your workpiece to 90 or 45 degrees.  Speed squares and machinist squares are made for visual inspection and checking AFTER setup, the Mega Square is designed to get those parts square in the first place.
  • Tabs help eliminate twisting and warping in the final workpiece.  Once you have your workpieces square with each other don’t rely on the table, floor, or workpiece to get your work fitted to a flat plane.  The machined squares and tabs always create the perfect plane for your workpieces to rest on.  Bonus: The tabs also let you easily hold round tubing.
  • Clamping is simple with multiple surfaces for quick and rigid attachment.  Stop spending your time and focus figuring out clamping strategies, or  worse, clamping your straight workpiece to crooked surfaces.
  • Roomy joint access for welding, gluing, nailing, riveting, etc.  Whatever process you’re working with, it probably benefits from some clearance around the joint.


Choosing the Right Square for You

Square Size:

  • 5.08cm tubing and smaller, we suggest 8” squares (3.81cm wide)
  • 5.08cm tubing and larger, we suggest 12” squares (7.62cm wide)

Material Selection:

  • Cast Iron has excellent resistance to deformation and raising burrs when scratched, with the added benefit of some natural resistance to weld spatter.
  • Cast aluminum is lightweight and exhibits resistance to deformation vs aluminum billet. Its non-ferrous properties, resistance to weld spatter, and compatibility to sensitive surfaces are also more advantageous for certain types of work.

Differences between 12″ and 8″ models:

  • 12” squares have a profile similar to an I Beam where the web is centered on the flanges.  8” squares are similar to a “C” channel where the web is off to one side of the flange.
  • 12” squares have tapped holes on both sides, 8” only on the “back” or flat side with the tapped holes




What comes with each square:

Each square comes with 4 tabs (steel or aluminum to match square material type) and 4x socket head cap screws.  Each tab is 6.985cm x 2.54cm in size.

Weight 6 kg




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