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  • Drill Press Fixture Plate

    299.00 excluding VAT
    Drill Press Fixture Plate This plate is 600x450 mm by 16 mm thick. It has 16 mm diameter holes on 50 mm centers, and also M14x2 tapped holes also on 50 mm centers. Lots of possibilities on what you can do with this plate. It’s ground flat and case hardened, also has a black oxide …

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  • Fabricator Package 12″ Cast Iron (Imperial Holes)

    600.00 580.00 excluding VAT

    RETURNS: We will not be accepting returns for these squares, with the exception of defective ones
    COUPONS: Coupon codes do not apply to already discounted items


    The tapped holes are imperial (not metric).
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  • Fabricator Packages

    285.00600.00 excluding VAT
    • Build with 4 of the fastest squares, fit up an entire frame at once.
    • Three material choices: All cast iron, all aluminum, or a mix package
    • Three size choices: All 200mm, all 300mm or mix package
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  • Fireball Hardtail Vise Deposit for Pre-order

    100.00 excluding VAT

    €1,600 with free shipping for EU and UK.



    This is a deposit only.  Vises are expected to ship in June-July 2022. We will contact you for payment balance when vises are ready for delivery, deposits are fully refundable anytime before shipping.

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  • Fireball Scraper

    65.00 excluding VAT
    Fireball Scraper The Fireball Tool Welder's Scraper consists of a USA made stainless steel handle combined with a hardened tool steel blade. Besides being the best scraper you'll ever use, it's also a great chipping hammer and edge deburring tool. What makes this scraper perform better than your typical chisel or piece of flat bar …

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  • Forged Bench Vise

    105.00200.00 excluding VAT
    Fireball Tool Bench Vise What's special about this bench vise: This vise has a specially designed 4 point swivel base designed to match up with holes on most common welding tables. Whether you have a table with 5/8" or 16 mm holes, if the spacing is on 50 mm centers this vise will fit. You …

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  • Furick Starter Kit 17, 18 & 26 Torches

    209.00 excluding VAT
    • TIG Welding Cups (Furick’s JAZZY 10, FUPA 12, MK14, BBW)
    • Back Caps (small, medium, large)
    • Collets, Collet Bodies, Gas Lenses
    • Spare Diffuser Screens + Install Tools
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  • Furick Starter Kit 9/20 Torches

    199.00 excluding VAT
    • TIG Welding Cups (Furick’s JAZZY 10, FUPA 12, MK14, BBW)
    • Back Caps (set of 4)
    • Collets, Collet Bodies, Gas Lenses
    • Spare Diffuser Screens + Install Tools
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  • Hex Key Holder

    12.0025.00 excluding VAT

    No more fiddling with the plastic tool holders. These are aluminum with a metal spring to hold the keys in place.


    The holder can keep the keys upright or slide the ring up for secure transportation.

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  • Inserta Clamps

    17.0039.00 excluding VAT
    INSERTA CLAMPS Place the Inserta Clamps into the 16mm holes on your welding table for fast, easy clamping. Clamp in the vertical or horizontal position at any height. The Ratchet Handle Model is ideal for tight space clamping, and the ratchet mechanism ensures rapid, vibration and torsion resistant clamping. Part No. Clamping Capacity (mm) Throat …

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  • Inserta Pliers

    17.0035.00 excluding VAT
    INSERTA PLIERS Insert into ∅ 16 mm for fast hold-down clamping. The patented rear crank handle allows clamp pressure adjustment while the clamp is in locked position. Use the crank handle to pre-set the clamp opening in repetitious clamping applications. Part No. Throat Depth A (mm) Opening B (mm) C (mm) Weight (kg) PT07K 50 …

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  • Knurled Thumb Screws (4-Pack)

    5.10 excluding VAT

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  • Locating Pin/Stop (4-Pack)

    20.00 excluding VAT

    Use the Locating Pins as a stop wherever parts need to be positively located for clamping.

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  • Magnetic 25-50-75 Blocks

    39.00160.00 excluding VAT
    The Magnetic 25-50-75 blocks are the larger, beefed up version of our magnetic shop shims. The blocks have 2 powerful rare earth magnets flush mounted on each of 3 different faces while their opposite faces remain without magnets. ​You will find yourself reaching for these all the time instead of digging through the scrap bin. …

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  • Magnetic Shim Kit (28pc)

    195.00 excluding VAT
    MAGNETIC SHOP SHIMS Set of 28 Shop Shims with storage case now in mm sizes. Each shim is ground on 6 sides with two magnets on the bottom face, there are 7 different heights and 4 pieces of each height in a set.  These shims have countless uses around the shop and also in combination …

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